6 2 to Attea Middle School


Attea At A Glance

Important Dates 2014-2015

  • NEW: 8/21/2014- Distribution of iPads to all Attea students
    Where: Attea Time: 1:00 to 7:00
    Come with:
    1. Signed iPad Agreement (Both Parent & Student
    2. Apple Education ID
    that was setup by parents for their child per the email that was sent by Apple Computer.
    Download District iPad Handbook and Agreement
  • 8/26/14 – First day of classes for students
  • 9/1/14 - Labor Day (no school)
  • 9/2/14 - School pictures
School Supplies 14-15 School Year

Cover Letter
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

D34 Summer Math Website

iPad Resource Allocation Students WiFi Troubleshooting Tips

Announcing new Student Help Desk

If you have trouble using your iPad while at home, fill out this form as complete as possible detailing the technology issue you are experiencing. A Tech Team student will connect with you the next day during your x block. The link can be found under the top pull down menu: Resources > 7th Grade Student Helpdesk.

  This Week's Events

Created by Ms. Davitz,
Instructional Technology Facilitator

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