1:1 Learning Support

Below are resources which will help you to support your student(s) in using the iPad successfully for learning. These resources will help you gain an understanding of how the iPad is utilized in the classroom,as well as resources which will allow you to learn about basic troubleshooting steps to help your student(s).

  • All middle school students in Glenview 34 have the opportunity  to participate in a start-up program called "iSucceed". This program focuses on increasing their digital literacy and organization, Internet Safety, protecting their Digital Footprint, and growing  Digital Citizenship, among other skills. Visit iSucceed Here.
  • Parent Resources: From how to use the iPad, to FAQs, to student examples
  • Parent Resources for the Connected Tween: Resources to help you understand current "Tween" tech trends, help your student become a responsible digital citizen, and resources to help you establish guidelines for technology use at home.    
  •  Troubleshooting Your Home Wifi:  The basic guide to setting up your WiFi at home as well as simple troubleshooting steps.
  • Student iPad Support and Learning Resources: This website provides students with a wealth of resources that will support their digital learning.