Ms. Stanton's Classroom News

General Music   11/11/2015
6th Grade
As we quickly approach the end of the trimester, the 6th graders are having a blast exploring the Appalachian Dulcimer, which is a simple string instrument that allows us to create and perform our very own compositions. We recently finished our Latin American Music unit, in which we studied the customs, musicians and dancing of Latin American cultures. A few hard-working students were lucky enough to celebrate the end of the unit with a Latin American feast!

7th Grade
Since wrapping up our African Folk Music unit, the students have been working hard to dig deeper into pop music by creating listening maps. These listening maps portray different aspects of music that listeners don't usually pick out while they are passively listening to songs, such as dynamic changes, texture, and tone color. 

8th Grade
For the last part of the trimester, we have been giving our regards to Broadway. We have learned about the history of Broadway, important names in the industry, and different ways that it impacts theater and entertainment as we know it today. We will finish out the trimester by watching and analyzing the hit Disney musical "Newsies."