Mrs. Stern's Classroom News

Updated: As of February 15, 2019   02/15/2019
All of my students have access to math IXL on their IPAD.  It is the same program that they used last year in 5th grade. So if there is downtime at home, please have your son/daughter work on it.

In common core, students took their test today on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with decimals.  Next week, we will learn about ordering integers, absolute value, and graphing coordinates in a coordinate grid. On math IXL, students can work on 6th grade X1 - X6, M1 - M6.

In single acc., students have worked on graphing points in a coordinate plane and absolute value.  They have also learned about reflections across the y-axis and across the x-axis.  Yesterday we studied about finding vertical and horizontal distance in a coordinate plane. Math test will be on Friday Feb. 22nd.  On math IXL, students can work on 6th grade x1 - x6, M1-M6.

In double acc.,  students are studying how to solve multi-step equations. Math test for block 4 will be on Friday Feb. 22nd and will be on Monday Feb. 23rd for block 5.