Mrs. Lindner's Classroom News

May 9, 2019   05/09/2019
The Nobel Peace Prize Projects were turned in last week, and they have been an absolute pleasure to grade!  Students put great efforts into these portfolios, and their research, creativity, and writing skills really shined through.  Please ask to see your child's portfolio and share in their success!  This week we have gone back to some grammar lessons and reviewed subjects and predicates, the building blocks of sentences!  We took a quiz on Friday (Monday for Block 1), and I hope the great grades continue!  We've also practiced our writing skills by creating public service announcements (PSAs) for local issues and causes.  Next week, we will return to writing and begin our argumentative unit.  
April 26, 2019   04/24/2019
The Journey writers have worked tirelessly the past two weeks constructing their Nobel Peace Prize Portfolios.  Once the research was completed in Reading class, students have been asked to write an FAQ, two expository pieces, two narrative pieces, and one visual piece.  Each piece contains new facts supporting their nominee’s rightful place as a Nobel Peace Prize Winner!  The portfolio is due on Tuesday, April 30, at the beginning of class.  Portfolios must be 100% complete, with each piece printed neatly and organized in the correct manner explained in class.  Please encourage your child to print any remaining pieces this weekend.  If you are without a printer, please know that the Glenview Public Library has many printing stations and charges a nominal fee per page.  Also know that the Attea LRC is open before and after school everyday for printing.  I look forward to reading about an incredible array of changemakers in today’s society and how our Journey students have connected with them and their causes.  Some nominees include the following people:  Bill Gates, Lebron James, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Angelina Jolie, Ramesh Ferris, Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson, Salma Hayek, Warren Buffett, Pope Francis, Elon Musk, and Michelle Obama to name a few!
April 12, 2019   04/12/2019
The Journey writers are hard at work, crafting their Nobel Peace Prize Museum Project and Portfolio!  Having done much research in Reading Class with Ms. Biller, the children are now able to communicate the facts about their nominee.  The project asks for five writing pieces and one visual piece.  I have reminded the students of the incredible nominees and the work these nominees have all done in pursuit for peace on our planet, and so I asked the kids to honor the work of these incredible people by putting in extra effort and focus to share their knowledge.  I look forward to dynamic classes and workshops, and of course I am excited to read their pieces.  As always, I will be available often, in the mornings and on select days after school to help and pre-read their pieces.  Please continue to encourage your children to do their best and come for help if they need it!
March 22, 2019   03/22/2019
Hello Journey Families!  My name is Ramina Zacharia and I am your child/children's current Science teacher while Megan Weinzierl is on maternity leave.  I have taught sixth grade Science, Social Studies, and Math in the past, but have currently been at home with my two young daughters (Faith and Grace).  We recently finished up our Life Science and Cells unit with a Human Body Systems project and presentation and have begun our new unit on the History of Earth.  I am looking forward to the next two months working with your children as we embark on this new adventure acting as scientists and uncovering the depths of the Earth!  Feel free to email me with any questions/concerns you may have!