Mrs. Lindner's Classroom News

February 15, 2019   02/14/2019
The Journey writers are completing their mini-unit in applying complex and advance figurative language in their writing.  I have consistently asked the students to flex their writing muscles and create unique figurative language that is indeed an improvement over what they have used in previous years.  We wrote a series of paragraphs about typical subject matter and ended the unit with an independent writing assignment summative assessment.  Next we will move toward informational reading and writing, using topics from FREAK, THE MIGHTY.  Informational pieces will take the form of descriptive, compare/contrast, problem/solution, and cause and effect.  I look forward to seeing how your children take in and explain current issues of our day!  Enjoy the long weekend, and we'll see your children on February 20, and we hope to see you at Conferences on Friday, March 1.
January 18, 2019   01/18/2019
Happy New Year to all of our Journey families!  Your children returned to class and almost immediately went right back to work, revising and editing their personal narratives.  Some students chose to write about the hero's journey, others wrote about the characteristics of a hero and how they have demonstrated these characteristics.  Others wrote about acts of kindness, overcoming failure or doubt, or a narrative of their "friend for life".  Moving on, we are now studying figurative language, with an emphasis not on definitions or identifications, but on the most complex and unique examples that we read in literature and more importantly that we can write in our words.  Typically, students see the value in exploring this unit, and they come away with a broader and more expert view of figurative language.  We will continue with this unit for a couple of weeks, culminating in a collection of writings, both prose and poetry.  Figurative language is a true embodiment of our new phrase, "Writing is more the Muscle Memory!"
Language Arts, December 21, 2019   12/20/2018
As we look forward to our winter vacation, looking back at these last couple of weeks, I have seen tremendous growth in the Journey writers.  Your children studied the hero’s classic journey, and then looked inward to see how they or those they love have taken that metaphorical journey as well.  We are currently working on a personal narrative that will help us connect to our novel in Reading class.  While the paper remains a rough draft currently, we will continue the writing process in January and work on revising, expanding, and editing.  So, Happy Holidays Journey Families!  May our holiday season and 2019 be ones of peace, joy and togetherness.
Language Arts, December 7, 2018   12/07/2018
Happy Winter to all of our students and families!  Writing class has been truly inspirational this week as we began our study of heroes and the journey they all take - either in classic literature, modern literature, or real life.  We used the protagonists from our science fiction stories as well!  Now, we will apply our knowledge of the hero to our Reading book FREAK THE MIGHTY and also to a personal narrative that we begin next week.  I look forward to discussing the heroes in our lives today and teaching how to craft this topic around a personal narrative.  Please continue to chat with your children about the topics of writing and their other classes as well.  It's so important for them to see how the topics covered in school are part of our daily lives.  Enjoy the next couple of weeks filled with holiday joy and cheer!  Here at Attea, we love to share in the season!  Finally, Happy Hannukah to our Journey families who celebrate!