Mr. Leinbach's Classroom News

Social Studies News   05/09/2019
This week we began learning about the Industrial Revolution.  During this fascinating time period, America grew into more of an Industrial Society as railroads transformed the nation, big business grew rapidly, and workers began to organize.  Journey students will also be learning about some of the great inventors of this era, such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Granville T. Woods.  To enhance our learning, students will continue to take guided notes, create vocabulary note cards, develop inquiry based lessons, close read complex text, annotate biographies, and answer critical thinking questions.  

On Tuesday, May 14th, the Journey students will participate in a fascinating Civil War Days Field Trip at the Grove.  Students will be able to enhance and refine their vast Civil War knowledge by experiencing a variety of hands on activities and presentations from the Civil War Era! Great job in Social Studies Journey students and keep up the good work!