Mrs. Weinzierl's Classroom News

Science Class Update!   03/04/2019
The Journey Team scientists have recently completed our Cell Processes Unit with a summative assessment last week. We will end the entire unit with a culminating human body systems group project. The project will highlight how something as small as a cell can organize to create an organism!  In the coming weeks will begin our next unit, History of Earth with a focus on ever changing dynamic planet!  
Science Class Update!   02/14/2019
The Journey scientists have recently used microscopes to investigate uni and multicellular organisms.  We have also completed an analogy project modeling a cell and the organelles inside!  Ask your son or daughter what analogy they used for their cell model! We have also started exploring the concept of diffusion and why this concept is important to the function of a cell. The Cell Processes Unit summative test will be at end of February, just before conferences. Ask your son or daughter what study strategies they will use to study for the test. Also, in the upcoming weeks we will explore and explain how the cell is one part of the organization of the human body system.  As always if you have any question or concerns please contact me!
Science Class Update!   01/29/2019
The Journey scientists have recently explored the characteristics of life! We are now beginning to use microscopes to investigate unicellular and multicellular organisms.  The students will have a mid-point quiz covering characteristics of life and differentiating between plant and animal cells and the organelles in each at the end of the week of February 4th.  The students will also begin working on a cell analogy project. The students will be introduced to the project during the week of February 4th as well.  As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Science Class Update!   01/16/2019
Welcome back and Happy New Year!  The Journey Scientists have been exploring our new unit in Life Science: Cells!  The students have explored the characteristics of living things, Cells & will soon discover how we can accurately view the invisible world using microscopes!  We will continue investigation using microscopes in the coming weeks to identify the types of cells, cell organelles and cell function.  As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.