Elizabeth Lundgren's Classroom News

Social Science Discovery, September 2016   09/08/2016
Welcome to Social Science Discovery!  We have had an exciting three weeks.  For the first half of Trimester 1, we will be studying Physical Science.  We began our exploration with states and properties of matter.  We rehearsed making observations, in preparation for using the scientific method.  We will continue to use hands-on approaches in our labs; we observe, we measure, and we draw conclusions! 
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Lundgren LA (April 26, 2016)   04/26/2016
Lundgren Language Arts is wrapping up our Holocaust unit with an argument essay that directs students to evaluate the classroom discussion, articles, primary sources, and Daniel's Story.  Students will then draw conclusions and synthesize evidence to support their claim.  Following this unit, we will begin our final novel study of the year.  We will be reading Maniac Magee, and studying themes of family and race.  In System 44, we are finishing up Module 2: Special Forces.  Our SMART goal was possessives, and we will begin Module 4 following our Special Forces research project.  All students should continue to read and log nightly.  Our final IR book project will be due at the end of May.
Lundgren LA (February 18, 2016)   02/18/2016
In System 44, we are currently in Module 1, School Matters.  We will read, evaluate, and synthesize three non-fiction texts and use text-based questioning strategies.  The unit culminates with an argument writing assignment with mini lessons in conventions, and revision.  In Block 3, we are using a writing workshop model to complete short story narrative writing assignments.  All students should read and log in Reading Rewards every night.
Lundgren LA (January 8, 2016)   01/08/2016
This week we completed much of our System 44 implementation preparatory work.  We completed the Scholastic Phonics Inventory to identify targeted skill gaps, accessed the leveled online software system, previewed the 44 Book, and are set for full implementation after NWEA next week.  During Block 3, students have completed a mini-lesson on culture, and chose countries to research for the children's book narrative writing project.  We had review lessons on theme, plot structure, and will begin researching after NWEA testing.  All students should continue reading and logging nightly.