Ms. Ikhnana's Classroom News

Language Arts News   09/14/2016
Students successfully presented their Buy My Book projects last week. We are currently completing a writing assignment which focuses on one event they did over the summer. They will use sensory details, descriptions and maintain sequence in writing their autobiographical events. We have analyzed several mentor texts from published authors, teachers and students as a model of how to write with an abundance of detail. Students will work through the writing process to complete their writing work. Also, they were introduced to a weekly assignment, Blog Post, which is found on schoology. It will be assigned at the beginning of the week and will be due on Friday. As a reminder students should read daily for 30 minutes.
Language Arts News   09/01/2016
Students are off to a great start in 8th grade language arts class! I have enjoyed getting to know students and learning about their reading interests. Students used one of the books they read over the summer to complete their first book chat called Buy My Book. In this project, students take on the role of an author to convince readers to buy their book. We will continue to use reading rewards to track your child's reading at home. The daily reading homework is to update the number of pages read, minutes read and submit a comment using specific sentence starters. If you have any questions, please email me at