Ms. Ward's Classroom News

Summer Reading Log 2019   05/31/2019
Congratulations on a successful seventh grade year!  I hope everyone gets a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and READ.  Students are required to read about 200 pages or one book over the summer.  Parents are asked to verify their student's reading with their signature on the Summer Reading Log, which is attached to this post.  I look forward to hearing about your great summer reads next school year!  
Curriculum Night 9/14/17   09/17/2017
Thank you to all that were able to come to Parent Curriculum Night on September 14.  Also, a big thank you to all parents for helping foster such a connected learning community.  I have attached my presentation and the PTA Parents' Guide to Student Success in the Common Core.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.  
Beginning of the Year 2017-18   09/01/2017
Welcome back to school!  Just like peeling off the layers of an onion, we are getting back into the endeavors of reading class.  (Some may be crying, but most are looking forward to digging deeper into reading.)  Our first mini-unit required students to go back to their independently read summer book and think about a “Takeaway.”  According to Merriam-Webster, the definition is “a conclusion to be made based on presented facts or information: a main point or key message to be learned or understood from something experienced or observed.”  For their takeaways, students have decided on themes, central ideas, and authors’ purposes, while including their own personal thoughts.  Next, students were required to research informational texts in order to find a connection to their summer books.  Students have found interesting connections between topics, themes, central ideas, and authors’ purposes.  By the end of all this research, students will present their summer books to a small group of students to practice speaking and active listening skills.  The learning target on comparing and contrasting fiction and nonfiction will be a common thread throughout the year.
Yet another layer to the beginning of this year, the teacher models students received for the Top Book Takeaway project came from some inspiring texts, Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss and “A Good Reason to Look Up” by Shaquille O’Neal.  Both texts encouraged a “takeaway” about the difficulties of growing up but the importance of never forgetting your personal values and goals. 
Our Final Reading Classes   06/03/2016
As of Friday, June 3, we have completed our reading and analysis of George Orwell's allegorical novel, Animal Farm. A final exam focused on the story, symbolism, and Orwell's message. The grades for the test have been posted. Next week we will take the opportunity to view the TNT network's Animal Farm movie and can compare and contrast their version of the classic tale with the novel. It has been a great pleasure spending the trimester with the Patriot team during Mrs. Ward's maternity leave. I will miss the students and wish them the best in high school.