Girls Basketball

Attea 7th and 8th girls' basketball is an interscholastic program for girls with a high interest level and top skills or the athletic potential to develop top skills. Players are selected for the team through a tryout process which takes place in late October.  All players chosen for the team must be committed to attend daily weekday practices and games.  The team practices or plays a game virtually every school day from the end of October through the end of January.  All practices run until 5:00pm or 6:00pm, and players must provide their own transportation home. 

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Miss Anderson
7th Grade

Mr. Verzani
8th Grade



Girls Basketball Schedule

Date Day Time Opponent Place Order
11/15 Monday 5:30pm Springman Home *
11/16 Tuesday X Wilmette (CANCELLED) Home X
11/18 Thursday 4:30pm Caruso Home *
11/22 Monday 4:30pm Wood Oaks (CANCELLED) Home 8 Only
11/30 Tuesday 4:15pm Gemini Home *
12/3 Friday 4:30pm Maple Home *
12/8 Wednesday 4:15pm Northbrook Jr. High Away 7
12/9 Thursday 4:15pm Field Away 7
12/13 Monday 4:15pm Shepard Away 7
12/15 Wednesday 4:15pm Springman Home 7
1/7 Friday 4:15pm Caruso Away 8/7
1/11 Tuesday 4:30pm Shepard Home *
1/12 Wednesday 4:15pm Springman Home 8
1/13 Thursday 4:15pm Wilmette (CANCELLED) Home X
1/19 Wednesday 4:15pm OLPH Away *
1/25 Tuesday TBA 7th Grade Final 4 Conference TBA  
1/25 Tuesday TBA 8th Grade Conference Tournament TBA  
1/27 Thursday TBA 8th Grade Conference Tournament TBA  

* = both games played at the scheduled time
7/8 = 7th grade plays first followed by the 8th grade
8/7 = 8th grade plays first followed by the 7th grade

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