After School Clubs

Explore Attea's clubs and ensembles available to YOU!

Interested in joining a club or ensemble? 

  1. Listen to announcements and/or check the Daily Bulletin for information on when the club will begin to meet.
  2. All clubs are free. All students are able to take an activity bus home. Students should check their IDs for their route letter.
  3. You may also email the club sponsor.  Find a link to their email by clicking on the club below.
  4. Review our Club Information Video
Art Club

Show off your creative talent at Art Club.

Cosplay Club

Use your creativity with costumes, makeup and props to develop characters and stories

Drama Club

AND Action! This club will keep you on your toes. 

Gamers Club

Now is your chance to challenge your classmates to a game.


Learn more about how you can become a part of GSA at Attea.

Kpop Club

Enjoy listening and dancing to Kpop music? This is the club for you.

PiThons Math Club

Enjoy math? Join this club and be a part of the Attea Math Team.

Podcast Club

Mic check 1..2..1..2.. Tune into this club, to create your own podcasts.

Spanish Club

Learn about customs, traditions, and cultures of Spanish speaking countries


Explore science, technology, engineering, math and the arts