ChoirChamber Orchestra performing for staff and students

It's concert season at Attea! Join us on November 16th @ 7PM for our fall orchestra concert and on December 5th @ 7PM for our winter choir concert.


17-18 school supply lists

see complete school supply lists below:

If you have any questions or concerns about your online ordered school supplies please contact:
Wendy Ban -
or Tiffany Boers- (630) 310-8592

7th Grade Students Build A Robot

Watch our movie to see how the 7th Grade Jigsaw X block students built their own Otto. These students using Arduino boards learned how to build circuits and work with Arduino code. As their final project, they built a robot.

Health Forms Reminder: Incoming 6th Grade Students AND Sports

All incoming 6th Grade students require a State of Illinois health form as well as two immunizations: Tdap and MC4V (meningitis). Health Forms dated up to one year prior to the start of the school year are acceptable. 

Please remember to submit a sports physical if your child would like to try out for  a school team in the 2017-18 academic year. Sports physicals are valid for 395 days and are required for students who wish to participate in inter-scholastic sports.