Principals' Page

September 5, 2017

Hello, Attea Parents. We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, and a rejuvenating extra day off after our first full week of school.

As a reminder, the focus of this page will be to provide parents with a quick snapshot of the week just passed and the week ahead at Attea.  The page will also contain quick links to lengthier updates sent directly to parents that are intended to provide more detailed information about District and school events and procedures.

Second Week Notes…  During our first full week at school, students quickly began to immerse themselves in the Attea community in a variety of ways. Our 6th graders are acclimating well to their new surroundings, and their daily academic schedules are in full swing. 7th grade students and teachers are getting to know each other on their new teams, and 8th graders are quickly reestablishing their routines from last year. Students took the MAP tests during a newly implemented special schedule that allowed the whole school to test at the same time. This allowed for maximum staff support for students, and it helped create optimal testing conditions for students with the whole building quietly engaged in testing.

Students tried out for the boys and girls soccer teams, they expressed interest in becoming student broadcasters, and participated in intramural sports. In addition, the principals met with students in all grades during their X-block period to review important information relative to Attea's core values: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety. We discussed tips for setting goals and achieving personal growth, both academically and socially, and how to contribute to a positive climate at school by encouraging others to make positive choices. We also reiterated some important expectations for students, emphasizing student Safety, treating others with Respect both in school and online, and respecting our building by keeping it clean. Among the highlighted areas of Responsibility we talked about appropriate use of technology, our dress standards, procedures and expectations for lunch and recess, and appropriate conduct on the bus.  We reminded students - and we certainly want to remind parents - that the Attea Student Handbook provides information about all of the main procedures and expectations of the school.  The Handbook has been posted to our website under the For Students tab here.  By the end of the week, it felt as though the school year had officially begun.

This week we'll be helping students make up missed MAP tests.  We also look forward to the start of practices for volleyball and soccer teams (and soccer's first game), the beginning of cross country, and the start of intramural golf and tennis.

And thus our exciting work continues. We are thrilled to work with you and your ever-maturing children as we work toward a common, critical goal: To empower children to be self-directed learners and responsible decision makers.  

Have a great week. Go Flyers!!