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Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier - Field Trip   01/26/2018
On February 7, 8th graders will go on a field trip to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier to see A Midsummer's Night Dream. (Signed permission forms and $13 were due last Friday.) All 8th graders are reading and studying Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream in reading classes, and this field trip is an exciting opportunity to see a talented Shakespeare performance live on stage.

Students will be able to purchase lunch at Navy Pier, or they can bring a bag lunch or order a bag lunch from Attea Food Services. More information about the trip will be provided through your child's reading classes.
Friday's Schedule (January 12)   01/11/2018
Some of our 8th graders are departing on the trip to Washington D.C. tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Since they are scheduled to leave at 2 PM, we are running all classes until that time.

For those students not attending the trip, we have a special assembly planned from 2-3 PM.  

We're excited to welcome a performance by the Xtension Chords, an award-winning a cappella group from the University of Illinois. The Xtension Chords are known for energetic performances of popular songs from today as well as classics from the 80s & 90s. They were founded 25 years ago, when the college and high school a cappella scenes were new and before the hit TV show Glee or the movie Pitch Perfect.

After the show, the XChords will answer questions about pursuing music and clubs in high school and college. They'll also have CDs for sale for $5 for those interested.
Second Step Week 4   10/27/2017
Grade 8, Lesson 4
Family Lesson Summary

This week, your child learned about labels—the words we use to describe one another—and how these labels can change as your child grows and matures.

Family Lesson Question
Ask what words your child uses to describe him- or herself. Talk about how you've seen your child change while growing up, and ask what labels he or she might use 5 years from now.

Grado 8, Lección 4

Esta semana su hijo o hija aprenderá acerca de los epítetos (las palabras que utilizamos para describirnos los unos a los otros) y como estos epítetos pueden cambiar a medida que su hijo o hija crece y se pone más maduro o madura.

Pregunte a su hijo o hija qué palabras utiliza para describirse a sí mismo. Háblele de cómo le ha visto cambiar mientras crecía y pida que piense en qué epítetos podría utilizar dentro de cinco años.
Conferences Friday   10/16/2017
Thank you to all those who signed up for Parent Teacher Conferences on Friday, October 20. (The link for sign-up was sent last week email.) We'd love to see your child attend as well, so we can discuss highlights, growth, and problem-solve together if necessary.
Second Step Week 3   10/16/2017

Grade 8, Lesson 3
Family Lesson Summary

This week, your child learned how using good strategies can help him or her learn new things, get smarter, and change mindset to a growth focus. We discussed new learning strategies that might work better, and how to work smarter not harder.

Family Lesson Question
Ask your child about something he or she learned in the past. Talk with your child about how he or she used both hard work and strategies to learn. Discuss new learning strategies they might try in the future.
Second Step This Week   10/04/2017

Each week we'll post a summary of the Second Step Lesson from Monday/Tuesday Xblock. This is a great opportunity to use the "Family Lesson Question" below to start a conversation with your child about the topic.

Grade 8, Lesson 2
Family Lesson Summary
This week, your child will think of ways he or she can help new students feel welcome at school.
Family Lesson Question
Ask your child to think of a group he or she enjoys being a part of and what he or she would do to help a new person in the group feel welcome. Tell your child about a time you helped someone new to your community.
Grado 8, Lección 2
Esta semana, su hijo o hija pensará en cómo ayudar a los nuevos estudiantes a sentirse bienvenidos a la escuela.
Pida a su hijo o hija que piense en un grupo del que le gusta ser parte y en lo que podría hacer para ayudar a que una nueva persona se sienta bienvenida al grupo. Háblele sobre alguna ocasión en la que usted ayudó a una persona recién llegada a su comunidad.