Omni Team News

The Omni Field Trip!   12/01/2017
Hello Omni Families,
Our field trip earlier this week was a great success! The students walked to the Glen and saw the movie, "Wonder." The students enjoyed the movie (and popcorn!) and embraced the message of the film - “When given a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.” 

Once back at Attea, students did a journaling activity and also created their very own precepts posters to hang around the building that used the message "Choose Kind." The posters look fantastic! The students really channeled their creativity and made some colorful and uplifting posters.

Attached are some photos of the activity.

Have a great weekend, 
Omni Team Teachers
New X-Blocks starting next week!   11/10/2017

On Tuesday, November 14, OMNI many of our students will be starting new Executive Functioning X-Block to help meet the needs of all kids.  Kids who are getting remediation in specific subjects will continue to get support there.  This new x-block will look at specific needs including time management, study skills, prioritizing tasks and binder organization to name a few.  This will utilize the system developed by the Rush Neuroscience Institute.  We will continue, on Mondays to do Second Step, a program to support Social-Emotional Health.  

We continue to strive to meet the needs of each OMNI kid.
Second Step   10/27/2017
Grade 6, Lesson 4
Family Lesson Summary
In this week's lesson, students will learn they can help their brains grow and change by using good strategies, getting help from others, and working hard.
Family Lesson Question
Tell your child about a time you needed help from someone else to learn something new. Ask your child to tell you about something he or she is working hard to learn and how you can help.
Grado 6, Lección 4
En la lección de esta semana los estudiantes aprenderán que pueden ayudar a que sus cerebros se desarrollen y cambien si utilizan buenas estrategias, obtienen ayuda de otros y trabajan duro.
Hable a su hijo o hija de alguna ocasión en la que haya necesitado ayuda de otra persona para aprender algo nuevo. Pida que le hable acerca de algo en lo que se esté esforzando mucho para aprender y cómo puede ayudarle.
Second Step   10/12/2017
Grade 6, Lesson 3
Family Lesson Summary
This week's lesson teaches students that they can build intelligence by using new approaches and strategies, trying new things, and working through difficulties. The understanding that they can strengthen their brains can help
them achieve more in school and in life.
Family Lesson Question
Tell your child about a time you had to learn something new. Explain whether it was hard to learn and how you learned it. Ask your child if there's anything he or she would like to learn to do this year.
Grado 6, Lección 3
La lección de esta semana enseña a los estudiantes que pueden desarrollar la inteligencia utilizando enfoques y estrategias nuevas, intentando nuevas cosas y esforzándose para superar las dificultades. Comprender que pueden fortalecer el cerebro puede ayudarles a lograr más en la escuela y en la vida.
Hable a su hijo o hija acerca de alguna ocasión en la que haya tenido que aprender algo nuevo. Explique si fue difícil y cómo lo aprendió. Pregunte a su hijo o hija si hay algo que quiera aprender a hacer este año.
Book Fair Coming Soon   10/04/2017

The PTA Book Fair Oct.18th -20th

Attea’s PTA book fair will be held October 18th through the 20th. The Fair will be set up in the LRC for browsing by classes on the 18th and 19th. The Book Fair will also be open from 7:15 - 3:30 on Friday the 20th during parent teacher conferences. All proceeds from the fair benefit the PTA.

This fall book fair is being run in conjunction with Anderson’s Bookstore. They provide an exceptional selection of current YA fiction. Please come and browse the latest titles.

The Book Fair is available online as well if you cannot visit the Fair in person. The PTA earns 20% of the profit from each online sale.  See attached file for online information access.  

Second Step   10/04/2017
Grade 6, Lesson 2
Family Lesson Summary
This week's lesson teaches students that it's okay to feel nervous about starting middle school. This lesson talks about common fears students have, lets them know their concerns are normal, and helps them feel like they belong.
Family Lesson Question
Ask your child about the adults he or she has met at school. Tell your child about an adult who helped you when you were your child's age.
Grado 6, Lección 2
La lección de esta semana enseña a los estudiantes que es normal sentirse nervioso acerca de empezar la "middle school". Esta lección habla sobre los temores comunes que tienen los estudiantes, les permite saber que sus preocupaciones son normales y les ayuda a sentir que pertenecen.
Pregunte a su hijo o hija sobre los adultos que haya conocido en la escuela. Háblele sobre un adulto que le haya ayudado cuando usted tenía la edad de su hijo o hija.
Second Step   09/28/2017

Grade 6, Lesson 1
In this week's lesson, students will learn how their brains are changing and how the Second Step Program can help them grow their brains and learn to be successful.
This week, ask your child what he or she is looking forward to learning this year in school. Describe something you enjoyed learning when you were in sixth grade.

Grado 6, Lección 1
En la lección de esta semana, los estudiantes aprenderán cómo están cambiando sus cerebros y cómo el programa Second Step puede ayudarles a desarrollarlos y a aprender a tener éxito.
Esta semana pregunte a su hijo o hija qué es lo que tiene ganas de aprender este año en la escuela. Describa algo que le gustó aprender cuando estaba en sexto grado.
Selfie time!   08/29/2017
Hey new Omni kids.  Please place your selfie into the folder linked below.  Make sure its appropriate as it will be above your locker for all to see including your PARENTS on curriculum night!
Welcome Omni Team!   08/23/2017
We are so excited to have you on our team and to get to know everyone! This week, we will take tours of the building to help you get acclimated to the school. We will tour the library, the food court, the playground, and discuss the bus routines. This week, we will organize lockers and you will get your iPads. Next week, we will begin NWEA testing. 
X Block Enrichment Opportunities   02/02/2017
Our enrichment x block options are in full swing! Take a look at the options for Omni students:

Book club with Ms. Grammas –
The Book Club is an enrichment group that shares a love of reading.  When we meet together we read individually, in small groups or as a collective group.  Students will be provided with a list of current Rebecca Caudill nominated books and we will watch book trailers to view trailers of books we can select to read. Students will have an opportunity to select the novel they would like to read and to share their thoughts, ask questions, draw conclusions, and participate in a group discussion of the novel.  Students also have the opportunity to write a review.
Exploring History through Primary Source Documents with Mr. Rich –
This x-block will be exploring History and Current Events with a focus on primary source documents and film clips.  Discussion will be about all things related to the past, present and future.  If you are interested in the world around us and how and why it is the way it is, then this X-Block is for you.
Parody Writing with Ms. Chow –
This X-block will focus on writing lyric parodies of famous songs.  We will be focusing on the poetry writing process including brainstorming, drafting, editing, and revising, along with examining different types of rhymes and meter.  If you love creative writing, or if you love Weird Al Yankovic, then this X-block is for you!
Reviews with Ms. Bansberg  -
What's your favorite restaurant? What's the best movie you've seen recently? This x-block will teach you how to answer these burning questions like a journalist by writing a formal review. We'll read newspaper articles reviewing restaurants, movies, albums, and new TV shows, taking a look at how the experts go about sharing their experiences with their audience. Then, you'll have a chance to become a journalist and write your own critique!
Egg Drop with Ms. Musslewhite –
Calling all engineers. In the Naked Egg Drop learn about different types of energy and the engineering design process.  Your job is to design and build an egg catcher that will successfully catch a "naked" egg from a certain drop height.  The egg must remain intact with no chips or cracks.  If you think you have what it takes to create a smart winning design then this x-block is for you!
Hall Pass Procedures   01/20/2017

Dear OMNI families,


As part of the district’s mission to empower our children to be self-directed learners and responsible decision makers, the OMNI team has implemented a hall pass procedure. We want students to value their time in the classroom, just as we value their presence in it.


These passes were created primarily to help students develop responsibility and organizational skills when it comes to time management.  For those who occasionally need to use time during class, students have been given a pass that allows for ten trips outside of the classroom to use throughout the trimester.  Students may use this pass to retrieve items from their lockers or to use the restroom if they did not have the opportunity to do so during the five minute passing period.  


Under no circumstances are students penalized for their use of the ten excused trips: there are no consequences attached to the use of a pass, and they are encouraged to use them.  However, based on individual needs and circumstances, there are always exceptions.  Each child is an individual, and student needs are always our first priority.


As always, please feel free to contact us to clarify any misunderstandings or voice any questions or concerns. We implemented this procedure with your students’ best interests at heart, and we appreciate your direct input and communication moving forward.



The OMNI team

In celebration of Presidents' Day!   01/19/2017
On Wednesday, February 8th the Omni Team will be attending a President George Washington presentation at the Glenview Senior Center, which is located next door to Attea at the Park Center.  The President Washington impersonator will speak in character to our students while discussing his life story and his role as the First President of the United States. The Journey students and teachers will walk over to the Senior Center at 12:00A.M. for a 45 minute presentation by President Washington that will tie in nicely with our study of United States History. Thank you to the Glenview Senior Center for this wonderful invitation and the opportunity to enhance our learning!