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2017 GBS Academy Curriculum Night   12/09/2016
STEM opportunity for girls   09/20/2016
There is an upcoming event on October 8th at the University of Illinois hosted by the Society of Women Engineers. The event is called Engineering Round Robin, and it is a day-long event for middle and high school girls to get to participate in fun engineering activities, interact with other girls who share their interests, and ask questions to current college students who are women studying engineering.  If you are interested, please see the attached flyer.
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Optional Math Review over the summer   06/08/2016

If you are interested, a math workbook designed for summer review may be purchased for $19 at  

Students in SA would benefit from the "Pre-Algebra" workbook.
Students in 7CC would benefit from the "Basic Math Review for the Middle Grades".  See attached list for lesson that may be skipped.

This is optional and will NOT be checked in in the fall.

Erika's Lighthouse Program - May 17th and May 18th 05/02/2016   05/03/2016
Dear Galaxy and Pathfinder Parents,

A key component to the healthy development of your child is the conscious allowance for social and emotional exploration and learning. To grow in a well­rounded and responsible way, we all need to learn how to recognize and manage difficult emotions with coping and problem solving skills. But, even more importantly, we need to understand when it is vital to reach out for support when those skills aren’t enough to bring us back to a state of emotional balance. For this reason, certain areas of our mental health deserve special attention. After careful research, we have chosen to implement the depression awareness and suicide prevention program:

Teen Depression: Stories of Hope & Health. This program was developed by a highly respected mental health education and advocacy organization, Erika’s Lighthouse: A Beacon of Hope for Adolescent Depression. Our 7th grade students will participate in a presentation by our school social workers and psychologist during their X block on either May 17 or May 18, 2016.

The program goals include:

• Raising awareness of depression and its symptoms.
• Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.
• Encouraging the utilization of support services if necessary. 

Depression is a very common, yet widely overlooked disease that will impact 15–20% people before they reach adulthood. It is also the single largest risk factor to suicide. Fact­based, teen friendly and hopeful programs like Real Teenagers Talking About Adolescent Depression: A Video­based Study Guide promotes the messages we need our students to hear. Depression is common and can be serious, but there is hope and help. 

We look forward to working together to better inform students of important issues, like depression, and provide the tools students need to navigate challenging times.