April 12, 2019

Students have worked hard in wrapping up their Nobel Nominee research projects, due Monday morning of this week!  If you haven't seen your child's work, ask to see his/her I-Chart!  Since they have also been reading non-fiction for IR, students used class time this week to prepare for their second book chat of the year. Block 1 presented on Thursday, while Blocks 2-5 presented on Friday.  Students participating in GSA Day of Silence were given the option to pre-record their presentation on iMovie.

Next week, we will be shifting over to a new unit of study, centering on historical fiction.  Students will be reading historical fiction for IR, and we will be exploring this genre through texts related to social studies topics they have already had some introduction to.  Once again, we will be using a blend of short story narratives (both fictional and real), picture books and student IR books to help students gain a deeper grasp of this important genre. 

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!  Enjoy the upcoming spring season!