March 22, 2019

As we roll into our third trimester, students are in the midst of their Nobel Nominee research projects.  They've been asked to choose someone they believe should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and conduct research to help support their nomination.  So far, students have chosen some incredible individuals!  Ask your child to show you his or her work so far!  When we return from break, we will be finishing the research process, including using EasyBib to create citations.  We're all looking forward to seeing just how much these nominees have done to make our world a better place!

We have also begun working on IR bookmarks again - this time, students are reading non-fiction books!  Students can choose to read about any topic that interests them, using books at or near their reading level.  Students who finish their book before break is over are encouraged to choose another non-ficiton book focusing on a different topic.  Ask your child about what (s)he is reading!

As always, thank you for all you do to help support our students from home.  Please reach out to me any time you may have questions.  Have a wonderful Spring Break!