March 22, 2019

The Journey writers continue to work very hard in class.  We completed 4 reading responses to different non fiction texts.  The last of these reading responses was a non fiction article itself!  Students applied their knowledge of non fiction text features (subheadings, graphics, captions, glossary, etc...) to create their own article about one of two given topics.   I look forward to reading these pieces when we return from Spring Break!  Once we return, we will begin our Multi-Genre Project on our chosen Nobel Peace Prize Candidate.  Students will choose different narrative and expository pieces to write, as they craft this very important and creative portfolio.  The goal is for the children to work as independently as possible, but of course they will be given whatever help they may need.  There is no homework from Writing Class over Spring Break, so please enjoy family and friends!  See the kids back here at Attea on April first!!